WHAT MOURDOCK’S DEFEAT OF LUGAR MEANS FOR A PRESIDENT ROMNEY: The Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein wastes no time reading the tea leaves for what Indiana Secretary of State Richard Mourdock’s resounding defeat of Sen. Richard Lugar could portend for the Mitt Romney presidency that may be in the offing: “With the Republican presidential nomination going to the ideologically malleable Mitt Romney, supporters of limited government have recognized that their best hope for advancing the conservative agenda rests on the ability to elect as many principled conservatives to Congress as possible. That is, lawmakers who will be willing to fight for smaller government even if it means standing up to a president of their own party. The more victories the Tea Party racks up, the greater the chance that Romney will be forced to govern as a limited government conservative if elected, even if his natural inclination is to migrate to the left.” Or put another way – Are you listening, Mitch?