WEINERGATE UPDATE: Anthony Weiner A Jerk Before Crotchgate, Craved Media Attention Says New Book. Well, he certainly got plenty of that, but he didn’t seem to enjoy it.

A new book offering an inside look at the US House of Representatives depicts Weiner as a desperately ambitious loudmouth who berated his staff and would do or say anything for TV airtime.

Weiner “would enter his office in the Rayburn Building screaming at the top of his lungs, ‘Why the f–k am I not on MSNBC?!’” journalist Robert Draper wrote in Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside the US House of Representatives. He finally got his wish, Draper wrote, when Weiner pushed to become the liberal spokesman for ObamaCare.

“He was now on MSNBC every week, sometimes every day — to the point where he was carrying his own makeup kit. (Or rather, his press guy was.)” Draper wrote.

Yeah, I know — Congressman craves TV time is kind of a dog-bites-man story. But desperate to be on MSNBC? That’s just sad. Obama comes across as rather unwilling to hear advice here, too. That explains a lot.