March 31, 2012

HIGHER EDUCATION UPDATE: Reader Dave Lange writes:

Re: your post on the proposed Clery Act expansion.

Ever notice how, in all the Administration’s posturing about reducing college tuition costs, the subject of eliminating all of those Federal mandates that greatly contribute to universities’ expenses never comes up? Of course, the diversity machine is the biggest part of that, but things like this don’t help.

I don’t know if diversity is the biggest single part or not, but yeah. Here’s more on that, and here’s John Leo on how even broke universities won’t cut diversity programs.

UPDATE: Reader Robert Rogers writes: “I don’t know what schools Dave Lange is familiar with, but in my experience diversity is a drop in the bucket compared to the compliance costs for things like federal grants and accreditation. Yes, a lot of administrative bloat is of our own making, but a huge portion is thrust upon us. (And don’t get me started on how most compliance exercises are completely ineffective.)”

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