March 21, 2012

THE ECONOMICS OF ECONO-BLOGGING: “How did America’s economics blogosphere develop the necessary density? Early buy-in by important economists mattered, but the growth of the community has been more driven, in my opinion, by an aggressive horde of strivers. Economists, journalists, and would-be pundits with less access to traditional outlets (newspapers, conferences, and journals) were attracted by the low barriers to entry of the web. This ready group of writers created sufficient ‘liquidity’ of opinion to drive an effective conversation, the value of which has subsequently pulled in other respected voices.”

I like to think that my linkage helps create liquidity in the blogosphere. Just call me the Bernanke of Bloggers! Okay, maybe not . . . .

UPDATE: A reader emails that I’m not Ben Bernanke, I’m Johnny Carson. I guess I should come out with a line of suits.

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