March 12, 2012

HEH: Four Years Later, Obama Campaign Still Running Against Palin.

I notice the Obama machine seems to be putting a lot of effort into energizing its base via the recycling of familiar tropes. That’s not the mark of a confident campaign.

UPDATE: Prof. Stephen Clark writes:

Running against Palin, ginning up a culture war theme: It’s been noted that this is all focused on exciting the base. Contrast that with Mitt Romney’s steady rise and likely nomination. They may be focusing on the base because they are well aware of the stability of the polling numbers which might suggest these are baked in: most people have already made up their minds. If so, then the only thing to be determined is turnout. That would also explain the CW that Republicans are doing poorly, have lots of problems, etc.; the flip-side being to depress turnout among Republicans. This is one reason why I keep beating the drum about Congressional, state, and local elections. However you may feel about the race for the presidency, it has always been about more: change is affected through control of the legislatures at all levels; control of the legislatures is a necessary precondition for any significant change. HCAA would not have been possible without Democrat control of both houses of Congress. HCAA won’t be fully undone, or even significantly modified in the absence of a sweeping rejection by the Supreme Court, without control of both houses of Congress.

That makes sense.

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