March 11, 2012

HIT JOB: HBO’s Game Change Treats Palin Like a Punching Bag. They’re still afraid of her. Meanwhile, I wonder how many people have canceled their HBO subscriptions this weekend?

UPDATE: A reader emails: “I don’t know how many people quit HBO since last week but we did.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: “Please don’t use my name as I’m in the entertainment biz, but I called Direct TV last night and cancelled HBO. The operator told me they have had a TON of calls. He tried to negotiate with me and offer me HBO for 5 bucks for a year. That kind of great deal can only come from on high, but I still passed.”

And reader Doug Jordan writes: “Glenn, I cancelled HBO on Wednesday. The rep asked me why and I said ‘Cost and political content.’ He asked: ‘Bill Maher?’ “Yep.” (Should have added ‘Game Change.’) Clearly, he had heard Bill Maher as a reason for cancellation recently. This was the Cox Cable operation in Fairfax County, VA. I have a conservative friend in Galveston who also cancelled HBO within the last few months and gave political content as the reason.”

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