March 9, 2012

OVERREACH: Limbaugh Attack Boomerangs On White House. And on Bill Maher. “This is one issue on which the mainstream media is offering the White House no cover. As National Journal put it: ‘[E]ven the most ardent Obama supporter would have to admit that if Limbaugh crossed the line on acceptable discourse, then Maher obliterated that line, even acknowledging the difference between a political talkmeister and a comedian.’”

Hey, if you replace your cable/HBO with a Roku box, be sure and tell ’em why.

UPDATE: Reader Tony Methvin writes: “I cancelled HBO in a chat session with a Comcast CSR. They asked for my reason and I mentioned ‘Bill Maher & guests make unacceptable political jokes about conservative women and sexual assaults (Dan Savage); and the HBO movie ‘Game Change’ was political propaganda against my values.’ the CSR said they had heard this often recently. I like that my TiVo allows Netflix and YouTube streaming as an alternative. BTW Lilyhammer is a great Netflix series. In your face smashing of the nanny state fun!”

And reader Mike Couvillion writes: “The Roku is a good device but has one, big glaring omission in capability that keeps me from getting it–it can’t stream from existing internal media servers. I have nearly 6 Terabytes of media digitized format (yes, all legal or self produced home movies) on a media server and cannot stream to the Roku. I actually use an Xtreamer device for that. Xtreamer has other issues, but if Roku ever addresses the issue (other than the hack-through-a-channel they promote) I’d buy one that day.”

And reader Darren Gold writes, “Don’t let David Axelrod off the hook for calling Miss California a dog! Please get it out there that in 2009 David Axelrod implied that Miss California was a dog. This was right after Miss California’s answer in the Miss America contest that angered the left. What would Sasha and Malia think?”

What, indeed?

And here’s Ed Driscoll’s Roku review. There are other devices, too, but this one’s cheap and easy.

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