March 8, 2012

VIDEO: Does Soledad O’Brien know what “Critical Race Theory” is? “After sneering at Joel Pollak for supposedly mischaracterizing the discipline and then refusing to define it herself, she finally demonstrates her grasp of Critical Race Theory by uncorking a definition that’s curiously similar to … the opening of Wikipedia’s intro on CRT, replete with the noncolloquial use of ‘intersection’ to describe an interdisciplinary study. Could be a coincidence — the definition she gives is generic — but the thought of her taking this much of a tone with him over his alleged ignorance while she’s got some intern reading Wiki entries to her in her earpiece is irresistible. But is that what happened?”

UPDATE: “Prepare to gaze into the face of hatred.” “By the way… Good catch, Joel!”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Prof. Stephen Clark writes: “Someone should ask Holder if now would be a good time to have that frank discussion [about race]. We could even include a seminar on CRT for the unenlightened.” Yeah, I’m sure he’d be into that now. . . .

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