March 8, 2012

ED MORRISSEY: Video: CNN beclowns itself painting Breitbart editor-in-chief as racist. Have you no decency, CNN? No decency at all?

Literacy, I’ve pretty much already given up on . . . .

Plus this: “Frankly, it’s clear that no one at CNN does critical thinking, on race theory or anything else. The point of Andrew’s final project isn’t so much to make Obama’s early radical ties clear; it’s to point out how the media tried to keep them quiet. This uninformed attack from O’Brien and most of the CNN panel is a great demonstration of the very point that Andrew wanted to make with these videos.” Even in death, he continues to expose them.

UPDATE: If the Bell Tape is “Nothing” Why is the Media Pushing Back So Hard?

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Paul Bressie writes:

Just another classic Breitbart misdirection.

Just as the Shirley Sherrod video wasn’t an indictment of her (as he included the later “I learned” part), it was an indictment of the audience agreeing with her before the reveal.

This Obama video isn’t about Obama’s radical past. It’s about the media and how they’ve abdicated their jobs and become water carriers and secret service agents for Obama.

It is all the more amazing because the media doesn’t even notice it.

They’re hired for loyalty, not intellect.

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