March 8, 2012

CAMPAIGN FOR PRIMARY ACCOUNTABILITY knocks out Jean Schmidt in Ohio. If I were, say, Orrin Hatch I’d be worried.

UPDATE: Reader Robert Ethan Hahn emails:

I credit the Tea Partiers on the Clermont County Republican Central Committee, who got Jean Schmidt un-endorsed this cycle:


Races where candidates requested endorsement but where none was granted were the following:

2nd Congressional District

…those central committees are where the action is – that’s where you go to take the party back.

And on Utah, reader Andrew Piereder writes:

Utah holds it’s Republican precinct caucuses tonight. These neighborhood caucuses elect delegates to the state convention in May. No recent polling, but my informal efforts over the past couple of months or so paint a startlingly bleak picture for Hatch.

In spite of extensive mailings, townhalls, interviews, etc… Hatch’s arguments are getting a dead cat bounce. Hatch’s ambitions are a common topic of conversation and I’ve talked to exactly one person who is supportive. While Tea Party types are actively hostile towards Hatch, what is more interesting is that Utahns with no particular grudge against Hatch, simply think he’s overstayed his welcome. Hatch’s main argument has been that if reelected, he’ll be the chair of the finance committee and in a position to ‘help’ Utah with federal dollars. That appears to have backfired as most people I’ve talked to consider that point to be proof that Hatch is a big part of the problem in Washington.

Hatch’s strongest positive is Romney’s endorsement, but Mitt’s approval isn’t tipping the scales in his favor.

The likely outcome in tonight’s precinct caucuses is a large slate of unsympathetic delegates who will be immune to Hatch’s blandishments.

Stay tuned.

MORE: Several readers note that the Utah caucuses are next week, not this week.

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