March 6, 2012

LONGEVITY UPDATE: The Billionaire Who Is Planning His 125th Birthday. “His energy, more than his appearance, makes him seem younger than he is. At his lodge he leapt from his chair every 20 minutes to grab unwieldy four-foot-long logs and hurl them into a stone fireplace two stories tall. The gesture was not only irresistible metaphor — he didn’t want the flame to die — but also showy proof of his strength. He tries to fit in weight lifting several times a week, and that, combined with brisk walks on a treadmill and his diet, helps keep his weight at about 140 pounds, though he has always been naturally slender, even when he ate what he pleased. He doesn’t count calories or believe in extreme caloric restriction as a way to extend life. But he does believe that excess weight is a sure way to abbreviate it, and reprimands friends, acquaintances and even strangers who are heavy.”

UPDATE: Closer, but still so very far away. “Living well has great worth: clearly there is much that can be done to optimize your own person life expectancy under present day medical technology. But don’t expect to live to 100 under those conditions, because the odds are that you won’t. The only thing that will bring much longer life to all of us is the advance of medical technologies into the realm of repairing the biological damage of aging.” Yes, diet and exercise are about slowing the decline, not reversing it, alas.

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