March 3, 2012

PERHAPS THE LETHAL “HOSTILITY” CAME FROM supercilious schmucks like Robert Wright. Just sayin’ . . . .

Really, how pathetic is this piece? When it starts out “I didn’t know Andrew Breitbart,” and then praises an “acute” observation by David Frum, the cause is already lost. Robert Wright: You should apologize to your readers, and to everyone who actually did know Andrew Breitbart. This is unworthy of you. You schmuck.

UPDATE: Reader Simon Jester emails:

Just saw your post about Robert Wright. Indeed, a schmuck.

But something else. Many people, including me, have noticed the Left demonstrating classic psychological projection—accusing other people of what they do themselves.

In that light, I found Robert Wright actually attempting to psychologically diagnose someone else interesting. I keep thinking how he would feel about trying to fit certain people in high office (and in journalism, ahem) being symptomatic of narcissistic personality disorder.

Fascinating, huh?

No, that’s not his real name. But he has a job where he can’t use that.

ANOTHER UPDATE: At the memorial, I spoke with Conservative Lesbian Cynthia Yockey who thought that it was lefty hostility aimed at Andrew that killed him. Perhaps Wright should have entertained that hypothesis too? You know, since we’re being all scientific and all? Cynthia also talked about how kind and generous Andrew was toward her, something missing from Wright’s crayon-and-brown-paper sketch. But then, as Wright admits, he didn’t know Andrew Breitbart.

MORE: See this update.

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