March 3, 2012

BE BREITBART: So I read this letter from a reader at the Breitbart memorial tonight — partly for the closing, but also because it belies the media idea that there’s no enthusiasm among Republicans these days.

I attended my first caucus today.

It was a great experience. We filled a middle school cafeteria to the brim, there must have been almost a thousand people in attendence (just a wild guess). The caucus was well organized but unprepared for such a large turnout, they rolled with it and did a great job pulling it off.

Of the seven people from my precinct, only one had attended a caucus before. We are all involved now chiefly because of the man in the white house and our belief that he has the wrong policies for the problems facing the nation.

Being a caucus, the actual candidate will be elected at the state convention but our mini-straw poll for my precinct read 5 votes for Romney, 1 vote for Ron Paul and 1 vote for undecided.

Just thought you would like to know what’s going on up here in the Evergreen state.

Be Brietbart,
Greg in Seattle

They want you to be depressed and dispirited, but don’t be. Be Breitbart, who was never either of those.

UPDATE: Another reader writes:

I was just about to e-mail you about the Washington caucuses. This was the case in my area too. I live in a suburb of Seattle, an area that has had sent a republican to congress for a long time but has voted for democrat in presidential elections since Clinton’s second term. This seem consistent with the recent piece by Michael Barone regarding the Detroit suburbs. I think there are a lot more people that are aware that Obama is destroying any chance the Nation has of re-establishing prosperity than the MSM would like to admit.

Dave in Bellevue

Remember — they’re spreading Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt because they need to. Don’t be fooled.


Just saw the post about the Washington caucus first-timer and how he was inspired by Breitbart. I had a strange feeling reading it, almost an out of body experience, as I could have written the same email, only thing that was different in my experience was the location – hotel conference room vs school. I was a first timer too, inspired by the need to replace the current administration and the impact that Mr. Breitbart has had on me. Our caucus had to delay the start by an hour due to overwhelming crowds, it was just amazing. Next I will attend the county caucus in April, a smile on my face and a Happy Warrior in my thoughts.


MORE: Reader L. Johnson writes:

I’m from the southern part of Washington State in Clark County. We caucused in a Middle School. When I caucused in 2010 (when the Tea Party was burning bright) only 3 or 4 people showed from my precinct. This year there were fifteen. We had representatives of each of the four candidates (mine was Newt), but I left with the impression that we will all support our eventual nominee in November. Actually, I think that a lot of us would crawl over broken glass to vote against President Obama in November. Some other precincts were so full that the people could not even get to their table and participated from two tables away. The material ran out before half the people received copies. Something is happening here in Washington State this year. I haven’t seen this level of intensity since 1994- and this seems much stronger.

Well, stay tuned. It’ll be stronger if people make it stronger.

Plus, a “Be Breitbart” icon.

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