March 1, 2012

MATT WELCH: Farewell to a Friend: Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012). “The next Breitbart-hater to match his entrepreneurial esprit-de-corps will be the first.”

UPDATE: Jonah Goldberg:

One thing that he [Breitbart] and Bill [Buckley] shared was this basic contempt for the premise that the mainstream liberal elite institutions in the United States are in a position to judge and adjudicate the worth of conservatives. That they are in a position to judge our souls. That if we disagree with liberals, that proves that we are somehow wanting or lacking in compassion; lacking in humanity. That is a fundamental thing that enraged Andrew, this idea that if you disagreed about public policy, if you disagreed about how to organize society, that proved you were a racist. That proved you were a fascist. That proved you were a homophobe. It was the fundamental bad faith of the leading liberal institutions that controlled the commanding heights of this culture that infuriated him. And he refused, at the most basic level, to give them that authority over him or his ideas, and that is was fueled his Righteous Indignation, as his book title called it.

Yes, his recognition — and proclamation — that they lack any moral authority was a major reason why they hated him; and, by so hating, acted in ways that proved their lack.

MORE: Matt Labash: The Dinner Party.

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