February 29, 2012

BARACK OBAMA DOESN’T CARE ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE: Obama: I’ll veto bill that will provide water to California’s Central Valley.

UPDATE: Reader Delos Walton writes:

It’s not just white people he hates. The Central Valley is heavily Hispanic as well. And one can make the valid point that these policies disproportionately hurts Hispanics since they constitute a significant percentage of the population in the western Central Valley. The type of jobs they garner in the western Central Valley typically are low wage, menial Blue Collar positions. No water, no jobs. Pretty simple. But perhaps, more importantly, the Central Valley is the type of place where people still cling to their guns and religon. Unsurprisingly, POTUS forgets where his organic lettuce, almonds and carrots come from. Similar to the Keystone decision, this is ideology over humans.

Maybe Obama just doesn’t like people.

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