February 29, 2012

ANOTHER MILITARY BOOK RECOMMENDATION: John Lucas writes to recommend Platoon Leader by James McDonough. “Jim was my roommate at West Point and is the toughest soldier I ever met. Very good read about a young leader’s experience in Vietnam.”

UPDATE: Reader Dave Parmly writes:

Give me my choice of any combat weapon in the world and I will choose the M-14 every time. They need to use a different kind of Ranger in that park…one with an uppercase R.

For great combat reads I recommend Winston Churchill. 2 free downloadable books are “The River War” (about combat against a Jihadist army in Egypt) and also “The story of the Malakand Field Force” (combat in Afghanistan against a, you guessed it, Jihadi army there. Both of them have many observations that are salient for today. It’s also great writing from a brilliant guy.

I’ve got both of those on my Kindle, but haven’t gotten to ’em yet.

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