February 22, 2012

JAMES TARANTO: Mystification and Triumphalism: Why the left can’t handle the truth about social conservatism. I’m no social-con, but the media spin is pathetic.

Taranto continues:

Krugman and Alter were both born in the 1950s, which is to say that they are both baby boomers. Both were too young to be protesting on campus in 1968, but both are old enough that the triumph of contemporary feminism and the sexual revolution coincided with their formative years. That is to say, both presumably cast their lot with the cultural left in its moment of triumph and in the belief that by doing so, they were putting themselves on the side of progress.

That was an understandable thing for them to believe given the times and what one assumes were their predispositions. But while feminism and the sexual revolution have been great for high-status men like Krugman and Alter (full disclosure: and this columnist), and for those women who place a high value on professional careers, things have not worked out so well for those who are less privileged.

That is a truth so undeniable that it can even slip past the editorial filters at the New York Times.

That is big. On the other hand, there’s no love for Bill Bennett among the Pickup Artist community. Then again, that’s consistent with Taranto’s point, isn’t it?

(And I do like the way he uses the “full disclosure” trope as a way of quietly bragging that he’s big with the ladies . . . .)


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