February 18, 2012

MIKE RAPPAPORT ON ANDREW BREITBART, LIBERTARIANS, AND CONSERVATIVES: “Alas, I think there is quite a bit to say for what Breitbart is claiming. Certainly, libertarians — even those who are hostile to conservatives — must recognize that Obama and the progressives are the great threat now. And I think, as compared to 2008, libertarians tend to get this. . . . Libertarians are in a tricky situation. Being neither liberal nor conservative, they must navigate in a world in which they are a small minority. For those in the academy, there is a strong temptation to emphasize the distinction with conservatives, so that they can ‘pass’ for non-conservatives. Back in the day, which I was less conservative than I am now, I was invited to a wedding of a guy I knew in law school. His bride admitted to me at the wedding itself, that I would not have been invited, had I been a conservative. A libertarian could pass, but not a conservative.”

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