January 30, 2012


I take exception to Mayor Bloomberg’s latest anti-gun effort.

Rampant hypermasculinity as I share cleaning tips involving Barkeeper’s Friend and the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Warren Buffett acts like he has something to hide.

Reuters Staff Call Rubio Story Fiasco, Disgrace. But nobody gets fired or anything.

Hawaii wants to track all Web visits.

No SOTU Bounce For Obama.

Pipeline Politics Derail More Than Jobs.

How The CDC is Overstating Sexual Violence. Hey, here’s an idea: Try addressing actual diseases instead of taking a political focus on behavior.

Wisconsin: Walker’s Reforms Saving Taxpayers Millions.

Elizabeth Warren: Worth 8 Figures, But Not Part Of The 1%.

Dylan Ratigan Hosts “30 Million Jobs Tour” From Glamorous Miami Beach 5-Star-Resort. Rise up, workers and peasants!

Obama’s “eliminationist rhetoric” leads to death threats.

Huge Crowds Turn Out For Iraq War Vets’ Parade in St. Louis.

Twitter’s New Censorship Plan Stirs Global Furor.

College Presidents Alarmed Over Obama’s Cost-Control Plan.

Dude, where’s my global warming?

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