January 24, 2012

THIS SEEMS TO BE A COPY of that deep-sixed Bloomberg story on how Warren Buffett made out like a bandit from the Keystone Pipeline decision.

UPDATE: Professor Stephen Clark writes: “If Buffett’s assistant indeed is sitting with the first family for the SOTU, then this Bloomberg story makes the Keystone decision stink to high heaven. It’s cliché, but could you imagine what would follow any similar sequence of events during the Bush-Cheney years? Why Republican’s aren’t hammering Keystone, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, the overt politicization of DOJ, DOE, BLS, and other agencies right down the line, and the recent memo on the stimulus to name just a few is beyond me. It used to be a stereotype that politicians always pivoted from a question asked to answer the question they wanted asked. Seems that the recent crop of GOP contenders have forgotten what used to be a routine skill.”

And with a compliant press, Obama doesn’t need it.

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