January 21, 2012

SOUTH CAROLINA: Why Romney Lost.

Plus: Gingrich wins majority among married women.

UPDATE: Bryan Preston: Three Different Contests, Three Different Winners? What then of ‘Inevitability’ and ‘Electability’?

Plus, Michael Patrick Leahy: Tea Party Slaps Down Mitt Romney.

MORE: Roger Simon: Will Newt Gingrich Grow Up — and Win?

MORE STILL: A female reader writes that Gingrich may not have been so hurt by ex-wife Marianne’s TV interview:

Hate to say this and don’t use my name, but I watched the interview and thought

“You bitch, he cheated on his first wife with you. What the heck did you expect?”

That may explain it.

STILL MORE: Another female reader writes: “Check the dates. Marianne, the supposed women scorned, married Newt when his star was rising (1981-his second term in Congress) and divorced him at his political nadir in 2000. If Callista is the real golddigger she’s also the one who stood by her man in his politically lean decade.”

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