January 19, 2012

TODAY ONLY: Lexar MicroSDHC 32 GB Class 10 Flash Memory Card with Reader for $39.99. Remember when 32 gigs of memory was an expensive hard drive? Heck I remember when it was unobtainable at any price.

UPDATE: Reader George Pepper writes: “Your blurb about the 32GB Flash Memory Card made me smile. Back in the ’80’s, I owned a Synclavier Digital Music System. A 512K memory card for it – which was about 4×8 inches – was $2,500.00 and a 5MB 8″ Winchester HD was $4,500.00. We thought we’d never be able to fill up a 5MB HD, and then digital sampling happened and 5MB was nothing, overnight. Good times.”

And reader Pat Dooley emails: “Heck, I remember when punch cards were hi tech. It would take a stack of cards 47 miles high to store 32GB. That’s a lot of trees.”

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