January 14, 2012


One of the most disturbing features of the US justice system is its ever more grotesque loss of proportion, at the federal level and in far too many states and municipalities. On his radio show this week, Derb discusses the case of Meredith Graves, the Tennessee nurse who, upon visiting the 9/11 memorial in New York and seeing the signs forbidding firearms, asked the staff if she could check her pistol (lawful and licensed in her home state). She was handcuffed, arrested, and now faces three and a half years in jail for firearms possession – for the crime of being unaware that the Second Amendment does not apply in New York City.

Asked about the case, New York’s thuggish mayor decided to add insult to injury:

Let’s assume that she didn’t get arrested for carrying a gun. She probably would have gotten arrested for the cocaine that was in her pocket.

There was no cocaine. The white stuff in her pocket was analyzed by Bloomberg’s cops and found to be, as the nurse had said it was, aspirin powder. So this loathsome slug of a man has slandered an ordinary American citizen on tape in front of the world. Why? Because he can.

Loathsome slug is right. New York should be ashamed of him, even before you get to his outrageous micromanagement of people’s lives, illegal out-of-jurisdiction investigations, and, of course, utter inability to get a handle on the bedbug problem.

UPDATE: Reader Dianna Shelton writes: “Sounds downright slanderous to me. With the shortage of work for lawyers these days, I bet there’s someone offering to try to make New Yorkers financially regret electing this big mouthed busybody.”

Hey, sue him personally. He’s a deep pocket!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Michael Schrage writes: “Don’t forget this was the mayor whose first impulse was to link an attempted times square bombing with opposition to Obamacare (!) This is his norm.” He’s a nasty little man, who gets a pass because he’s rich and liberal, despite his flag-of-convenience Republican affiliation.

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