January 12, 2012

PISSING ON THE TALIBAN: I’m sure that Greenwald has got his panties in a wad over this, but I have to say I can’t seem to work up any outrage. And I agree with this: “If Karzai delivers more moral lectures, have the president of the United States give a speech about Afghan sexual culture, including the treatment of young boys by older men, and the treatment of women by all Afghan men. And then suggest, ever so sweetly, that Karzais not really in a strong position to lecture us.”

My take, to quote the un-bearded Spock, is that it is easier for civilized men to act like barbarians than for barbarians to act like civilized men, and plenty of events in Afghanistan illustrate this.

UPDATE: A reader emails: “Never mind Karzai’s faux indignation or the Afghan penchant for child molestation and violent gender inequality. Help me out here. Has CAIR ever lodged a protest about the Taliban setting off bombs in marketplaces packed with civilians, or jihadis sawing off the heads of captives? The pissing, by comparison, is piddle. Claims by a CAIR representative that this video might endanger US soldiers is laughable considering that the Taliban is actively trying to kill and maim as many Americans and Afghans as it possibly can.”

CAIR is a bunch of pro-terrorist stooges. Everyone knows that. Okay, maybe not “a bunch,” as their membership is minuscule and I’m pretty sure their money comes mostly from abroad.

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