January 4, 2012

AIRPORT TORTURE: Reader Keli “Liberty Belle” Carender (whom some credit with the founding of the Tea Party movement) emails:

Sitting in an airport again, being forced to watch CNN again and, though I shouldn’t be, am shocked at their blatant effort to create a “Santorum just might be a racist” innuendo. Regardless of one’s opinions of him the primary, this is an absurd attempt to create a preemptive narrative about a candidate that may or may not go on, that those of us that believe in the pursuit of truth should fight against. What are their insinuations based on? What grievous crime did Santorum commit? Well, he allegedly used the word “black” twice! over the course of one year. And I say allegedly because the recent claim about his “black people’s lives” statement may or may not be true. Keep in mind that I’m not simplifying this. The comment was actually, “But [Santorum] did use the word black another time, last January.”

Welcome to Election 2012.

Upside: Does anyone outside of airports still watch CNN?

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