December 26, 2011

SOME SUSPECT CRONYISM: New Jersey Stunned As Sen. Schumer’s Brother-In-Law Nominated Federal Judge. “No one knows why he did it.”

UPDATE: A reader emails:

While such naked nepotism is usually reserved for filling the village dog catcher’s job, that’s not the aspect of this that caught my eye. This is: Sen. Lautenberg is 87 years old and is so pathetically desperate to remain attached to the federal teat that he would do something so obvious as this. I know the Obama economy is pretty ugly, but what’s the matter Frank, afraid you won’t be able to find a job if you get pushed out?

Please leave me anonymous if you mention this, I’m an at-will government employee in an adjacent navy blue state.

The addiction to power — and, even more, to a feeling of importance — is stronger than the addiction to heroin or cocaine. And more destructive, to society if not to the addict. . . .

ANOTHER UPDATE: I need a punchline for this post. What do you think is funnier? An 87-year-old is worried about “party elders”?! Or: Left field… isn’t that where Obama goes to get all his judges?

MORE: Reader J.C. Rhoades emails:

Frankly, none of this surprises me in the least, but what caught my eye was the writer’s last line:

“Please leave me anonymous if you mention this, I’m an at-will government employee in an adjacent navy blue state.”

I bristle at this. After 26 years in the military and all the “challenges” that go with that, I watch as my fellow citizens can’t express their opinions without fear of retribution. Unless of course, they’re moonbat-level Lefties. My oath was to defend against “all enemies, foreign and domestic” and after more than a quarter-century of willing to die to do that, the bad-guy penchant for boot-on-the-throat suppression of a right hundreds of thousands of Americans died for is alive and well behind friendly lines.

It’s why I don’t put overtly partisan political stickers on my truck…I don’t want it keyed by some proto-fascist at the mall (Yeah, I’m looking at you Che t-shirt-wearer). In my case, I’m not afraid of the thug; I just don’t want to lose the use of my vehicle while it’s getting repainted, but still…

Of course, if I did catch the little t**d in the act and conducted an on-the-spot, wall-to-wall counseling session, I’d be the bad guy.

Obama’s régime (and I don’t use that word lightly) has done, and is doing, far more damage than anyone can imagine. The fact that his approval rating rivals any GOP challenger makes me weep for my country and wonder if the 26 years was worth it. I hope it was, because this kind of environment is NOT what I fought for.

Punch back twice as hard.

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