BREAKING: Eric Holder Blocks SC Voter ID, Texas Next. I think that right-leaning activists should start challenging other ID requirements on the same grounds. Why isn’t requiring ID to fly a racial burden on the right to travel?

UPDATE: Duane Hershberger makes an excellent point: “How about requiring ID and registration to buy a gun? ID to buy guns started out as a way to keep blacks from having them. If voting is the same as owning a gun, Holder should advocate disbanding BATFE, a clearly racist organization.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Stu Gittelman writes with a useful suggestion for the press: “Question for Eric Holder: If it is an undue burden for South Carolina to require a valid ID for someone to vote, would you support South Carolina also doing away with any requirements to show ID when purchasing a firearm?”

MORE: Rick Hasen thinks this may wind up getting Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act struck down. Before the 2012 elections.

MORE STILL: Reader Marian Booker writes: “A group of people organized by True The Vote in Houston went to Austin to shine light on the need for photo ID in voting, on the day of Eric Holder’s speech. One speaker noted the irony of declaring photo ID to be too onerous a burden in the voting booth, but that photo ID was required to get into the building where Eric Holder was speaking against requiring photo ID. I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue!”

Next time Holder speaks, someone should run to a judge for a TRO. And file a race-discrimination suit against whoever’s hosting him. Every single time. . . .