IT’S LIKE IT’S SOME SORT OF INSIDER CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE INTERNET OR SOMETHING: Legacy media bankrolling campaigns of SOPA cosponsors. “Traditional big media firms have contributed more than $5 million to the sponsors of the Stop Online Piracy Act, with California Democratic Reps. Howard Berman and Adam Schiff as the top recipients.”

Lots of Republicans among these names, too. I see that Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) is a cosponsor and got $261,700. Is it too late for a Tea Party primary challenger?

UPDATE: Reader Jeff Mitchell writes:

Glenn. Saw your post this morning regarding donations to various pols… including my representative Marsha Blackburn. I went to her Facebook page and posted this on her wall:

“Regarding SOPA: Marsha Blackburn’s co-sponsorship of this bill is an outrage. This bill is a direct attack on First Amendment rights of every citizen with a computer and a blog. Any unmonitored comment linking a post to a “suspected site” would make any site a potential target of “big brother”. Do you, as a Republican not understand how this could be used for political purposes? Remember when youtube took down all of McCains content just prior to the 2008 election because some news footage was declared protected? this bill would extend those Draconian policies across the entire internet to be controlled by any content providers (mostly entertainment and MSM which have a decidedly LIBERAL bias) without DUE PROCESS of LAW. Marsha, you have to withdraw your support and return the corrupting donation of $261,700 from liberal entertainment special interests! ”

Her staff dutifully took it down immediately. I then went to my own FB wall and posted the identical content. I received the FB error msg, “Something went wrong. Try again later”. I repeatedly tried to post and received the same error. Interesting, eh? Is this what it has come to? Maybe it’s just a fluke or a coincidence. Or maybe not.

As an experiment, I posted “Marsha Blackburn’s cosponsorship of SOPA is an outrage. But she got a lot of money from the legacy media.” on Facebook, together with the link above. It went through just fine. I think it’s good to post stuff on pols’ facebook pages even if their staff takes it down — they still get the message.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Jeff Mitchell’s comment is on Marsha Blackburn’s facebook page now, along with quite a few other negative responses. I suspect it was just a Facebook glitch.