I’M NOT SURE IF I SHOULD TAG THIS “HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE” OR “LOWER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE:” Cal State campuses overwhelmed by remedial needs. “Wracked with frustration over the state’s legions of unprepared high school graduates, the California State University system next summer will force freshmen with remedial needs to brush up on math or English before arriving on campus. But many professors at the 23-campus university, which has spent the past 13 years dismissing students who fail remedial classes, doubt the Early Start program will do much to help students unable to handle college math or English. . . . The remedial numbers are staggering, given that the Cal State system admits only freshmen who graduated in the top one-third of their high-school class. About 27,300 freshmen in the 2010 entering class of about 42,700 needed remedial work in math, English or both.”

And yet California spends a fortune on schools and pays its (unionized) teachers very well.