INVESTING: Are guns and ammo the new gold? Well, I know a lot of people who are stockpiling them as a commodity-inflation hedge. Unlike bullion, they’re self-defending, too. . . .

You might consider some laser sights while you’re at it.

UPDATE: Reader Marc Greendorfer writes:

Your laser sight link reminds me of a recent purchase I made on Amazon- a holographic weapons sight made by EOTech for my AR type rifle. The one I bought, an XPS2, is small and easily mounted on just about any rifle with a rail. It also works amazingly well for quick target acquisition. The best part is it’s made in the USA, which is something that I have been focusing on more over the past few years. So though it’s not cheap ($400 range) it’s a quality piece of gear for shooting. And if you watch Amazon regularly, the price dips at times and you can pick up the unit for about $380 on the dips.

I favor the Aimpoint myself, but I’ve fired one of SayUncle’s AR-15s with the Eotech and it’s a nice sight.