MARRIAGE EQUALITY: Why Not A Marriage Tax? “The educated and rich are marrying more and getting richer; the uneducated and poor are marrying less and falling further behind. ‘Family structure,’ Isabel Sawhill of the Brookings Institution told Marcus, ‘is a new dividing line in American society.’ . . . This new marriage gap seems tailor-made for the Democrats’ tax-and-share approach to all social problems. If about half the adults are married, and are getting richer as a result, and half are not and are thus falling further behind, how long can it be before Obama calls for a marriage tax in the name of “fairness”? In fact, he could make it a progressive, graduated tax by including a Graduate Tax: couples where both spouses have college degrees pay more, those who both have graduate degrees pay even more, etc. Why should some be allowed to make out like bandits while others are condemned to leading miserable lives when their conditions could be equalized, in the name of fairness, by some simple tweaks to the tax code?”

Don’t give ’em any ideas. Irony is lost on this crowd.