ALEXIS MADRIGAL: The Perfect Gadget For The Person With A Big House.

It’s a review of the Belkin Dual-Band Range Extender.

I also still use the Monster Cable Powerline Network Adapter.

UPDATE: Reader Tom Brosz writes: “Since my wi-fi is provided by an Apple AirPort Extreme for both PCs and Apples in my house, all I had to do was pick up a little Apple AirPort Express unit, plug it into an outlet in the middle of my house, and tell the AirPort Extreme to use it as an extender.”

And reader Dan Ballard writes: “The linked article refers to the Belkin F9K1106 which is a dual band range extender. Your Amazon link is to a very different product -the Belkin N600 dual band router. The first gets a one star rating while the N600 rates much better. No sure how well the N600 works as a range extender.” Oops — you’re right. Sorry! Fixed now.

ANOTHER UPDATE: A reader emails that this is the best range extender. “I bought one 3 weeks ago and it’s flawless. Very compact too. Look at the great reviews.” Well, except for the one about it not working with the Verizon FIOS router.