NTSB AND CELL PHONES: Fudging The Numbers? “I had looked at the NTSB’s data on distracted driving, which is where you’ll find the 3,000 figure, and learned that of the distracted driving deaths, only 995 were attributable to cell phone use.”

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ANOTHER UPDATE: Ed Morrissey: NTSB cell-use ban proposal an overreaction, and a waste of time. “So even though no one could tell whether the driver was even looking at his phone before the accident, the NTSB is insisting that all cell phone use, including hands-free calling, get banned, even though phone calls had nothing to do with the accident at all. Why ban phone calls if the NTSB blames texting for the accident? Well, as it turns out, texting while driving was already illegal in these circumstances.”

MORE: “This is a day for rejoicing. The forces of liberty have overwhelmed the forces of a world so green one would not have been able to read a traditional book by a traditional light bulb.”