UP TO 60% OFF ON sweaters, scarves, and coats.

Plus, half price on the Cyclops Thor rechargeable LED spotlight. A good deal for $39.99. As my brother said when he was a caretaker at a nature preserve: “At night, candlepower equals authority.”

UPDATE: Bill Quick emails:

Glenn, on that Thor Spotlight – when you first listed it, it was $39, a good deal. When I linked it, the price had mysteriously risen to $49. Now it’s over $51. What with the $7 shipping, it’s not really such a good deal any more.

Do you think the volume you sent to that item caused them to jack the price?

I’ve never run across this before.

It’s called “dynamic pricing,” and it’s happened to me on occasion. The exact workings are a mystery but basically more demand means a higher price. But sometimes a thirdparty seller runs out and it switches to another one, and that may have been what happened here, as I don’t think (though I could be wrong) that it was shipping from Mack’s Prairie Wings before.