December 12, 2011


CBS Poll: 54% Say Obama Doesn’t Deserve Re-Election.

Matt Welch To Barack Obama: Hey, What About That “Net Spending Cut” You Promised Back in 2008? With video.

Frank J. on anti-intellectualism. He’s an expert!

Record oil production in North Dakota.

The shortage of blue-collar workers.

The future of higher education. Plus, is free on Kindle for one more day.

Eurozone banking not looking so good.

What to do when the lights go out. More here.

Boston Occupiers Leave Site In The Kind Of Condition The Country Would Be In If They Were Listened To.

When politics meets science: LightSquared disrupts 75% of GPS receivers in gov’t testing.

Illegal no-knock raid costs Minneapolis $1 million. And they got off light.

Sexist claims from Sen. Patty Murray.

It’s not just Lightsquared: Regulators could sanction Falcone over trading.

Warehouse deals on Kitchen gear.

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