LIGHT BULB BAN creates public health risks.

Hey, there’s still time to stock up! For a little while longer.

UPDATE: Reader Maynard Schmale emails: “I just changed two burnt out GE CFL light bulbs. They each lasted less than two months. Crony capitalism at its finest.” Yeah, I’ve been disappointed that mine haven’t lasted as long as advertised.

MORE: Another reader writes:

At Walmart today just outside Washington, DC. Noticed that the 100W incandescent light bulb shelves were bare, as was the section for 50W/100W/150W 3-way bulbs. Guess that even some in the GE/EPA/Congress triangle still want their cheap, safe, convenient, warm lights to stay on after 12/31. Too bad they’re not going to give everyone else that chance!

P.S. I’ve been stocking up for months, but if today’s inventory is any indication, readers who haven’t heeded your warnings better get to the store soon. Who knows whether there will be any left for sale when there’s only a week to go…

You snooze, you lose.