PROF. MARK PERRY: Fact Of The Day: Hunting Is Safer Than Bowling.

UPDATE: Eugene Volokh emails: “I appreciate Prof. Perry’s point, but wouldn’t one need to control for the magnitude of the injury to determine what’s ‘safer’? It’s at least possible (and, I expect, likely) that serious injuries are more common in hunting than in bowling even if total injuries are more common in bowling than in hunting.” You’d think so, if you hadn’t seen my release . . .

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Chuck Oey writes: “Prof.. Volokh may have a valid point, but there are many ways to be injured while hunting, and I suspect that actual gunshot wounds are a small fraction of the many possible injuries. It would be interesting to see the numbers broken down.”

MORE: Prof. Stephen Clark writes: “Here in south-central Missouri, right in the middle of deer hunter central, I can tell you that in the 23 years I’ve been here I can recall maybe 1 gunshot injury, most seasons people fall from trees, usually from a deer stand, messing up their legs or back.”