IT’S COME TO THIS: Why I Wish I’d Gone Ahead And Voted For McCain. “I don’t care for pretty much any of the GOP candidates, but any of them are still better than a second term of President Obama with nothing to lose. And that realization makes a pretty big difference for me.” Remember this come next November.

UPDATE: Reader Kim Sommer writes: “Have you come up with a syphilitic camel t-shirt yet for the 2012 election? I’d buy one.” Heh.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Related item here.

MORE: From reader Ken James:

A prediction: If Gingrich wins the GOP nomination the MSM will make sure everyone knows that debating is not the way to select a President and is an over-rated forum. Substance is what counts and Obama has so much more of that than Gingrich. They will rattle off all Obama’s accomplishments, followed by all Gingrich’s failures. Cherry-picked of course, with untruths scattered liberally about.

But, they will give Obama an out from debating. And his supporters will accept it gladly, and use the media’s talking points for justification, rather than see their Won, lose.

I won’t take that bet.