December 5, 2011


My Sunday Washington Examiner column: The higher ed bubble is bursting, so what comes next?

Related: Obama invites college presidents to closed-door meeting about college costs.

Climatologists not looking so good.

“If the the labor force participation rate were back at its January 2009 level, the U-3 rate would be 11.0 percent.” Good thing all those people got discouraged and quit looking, then.

It could be old age, or it could be a B12 deficiency.

Hope and change: America becoming a renter nation?

Victor Davis Hanson: The Ancient Virtues, And Modern Sins.

Are you saving too much for retirement? I doubt it, but that’s a convenient line of argument.

Justice Department’s convenient “mistake” kept Fast and Furious screwup off Congressional radar. For a while.

The Sacrament Of The Bulb.

Hot For Teacher.

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