As part of their “Kindle Singles,” Amazon asked me for a slightly expanded version of my old essay of childhood memoir, “Dakota Christmas,” to help lead the Kindle sales for Christmas this year, and it’s now available.

I know I’m in no position to ask a favor, but you’ve posted about my work on Instapundit in the past, and if you get a chance, do you think could mention this?

Only 99 cents, and a Christmas classic, says Andy Ferguson. Of course, he’s a friend, so what else is he going to say? Still, he points to lines like these, of which I’m a little proud:

“Her hair was the same thin shade of gray as the weather-beaten pickets of the fence around her frozen garden. She had a way with horses, and she was alone on Christmas Eve. There is little in my life I regret as much as that I would not stay for just one cookie, just one cup of tea.”

No worries if you don’t have space.

I found some. That’s the nice thing about these website thingies.