GOOGLE’S RIGHT, THE BILL SUCKS: Google rips Senate’s online piracy bill: ‘This is what is wrong with Washington’.

Google is exhorting senators to oppose an online piracy bill, arguing it would threaten national security, shackle the Internet with regulations and imperil free speech, according to a document obtained by The Hill.

The memo that is being circulated on Capitol Hill lists five reasons not to co-sponsor the legislation. It argues the bill puts at risk “the ability for free speech and the ability of political parties to spread their message” while creating a “thicket of new Internet regulations similar to the administration’s net-neutrality rules.” It also calls the legislation “a trial lawyer’s dream” and claims it seeks to “regulate the Internet.”

Google also argues in the document that the measure would damage the nation’s cybersecurity.

“This is what is wrong with Washington,” the memo says. “Legislation just to regulate and not allowing the private sector to solve the problem.”

The search giant has been among the most aggressive opponents of Sen. Patrick Leahy’s (D-Vt.) Protect IP Act, which passed the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this year.

The bill would require search sites, online ad networks and other third parties to cut ties with websites deemed “rogue” or dedicated to copyright infringement.

Lamar Smith’s bill in the House is even worse, and Lamar Smith should be ashamed of himself.