WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Conservatives should think twice about Newt.

But why do/did people like Newt? Or Herman Cain? Or Michele Bachmann? Because they weren’t afraid to go after Obama hammer-and-tongs. Romney take note.

UPDATE: On the hammer-and-tongs point, reader David Shorrosh writes:

You are exactly right. Here in Oklahoma (where none of the 77 counties went to Obama in 2008), the ‘normal’ folks I’m around don’t normally talk politics that much but — but:

1 – Thanksgiving dinner ended up with a robust discussion on politics, focusing on Obama’s policies/political associations and the juxtaposition of Tea Partiers vs #OWS’ers

2 – The three folks who admitted voting for Obama admitted they made a mistake based on media hype and Bush fatigue, and

3 – Pretty much all were fired up about Newt specifically because he is going after Obama — and the media

It looks like this groundswell will be too big for the MSM arm of the Democrat Party to control. I’m hoping, anyway.

We’ll see. But I agree that disgust with Obama will be the main issue this election — if there’s enough, he’ll lose. If not, he’ll squeak by. And Romney needs to take the hammer-and-tongs lesson.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Edward Nutter writes:

While we’re still in the primaries Mitt and Newt should play nice with each other. Their debates and discussions should focus on which hammer size of tongs would best knock Obama down and drag him out of the White House.

Romney in particular could answer the DNC’s “flip flop” ads three for one. His staff could research by simply doing a search on Instapundit for “They told that if I voted”.

Heh. Indeed.