STOLEN SPERM? Man says ex-girlfriend used his sperm, had IVF treatment that produced twins without consent. “His ex-girlfriend gave birth to twin boys and then sued him for child support. She was granted that child support after blood tests confirmed Pressil was the father. . . . In his lawsuit, Pressil said he found out about the plot when a receipt arrived in the mail, listing him as the patient. ‘Pressil was listed as the ‘patient’ on the receipt even though he had never been to (the clinic) nor ever sought treatment for male infertility,’ according to his lawsuit.”

Sounds like he may have a claim against the clinic. Meanwhile, read this piece by Michael Higdon.

UPDATE: Reader Joel Pomerantz writes: “I don’t understand why so many people refer to male nonconsensual reproduction as theft. Sperm typically has minimal value. Nonconsensual reproduction is rape. The appropriate remedy is to jail the rapist and give custody to the father.”