A COUPLE OF MONTHS AGO, in an unsuccessful effort to win me back from the world of Keurig, reader Aaron Blanco sent me some of his custom-roasted coffee. It was quite good, and even though the K-cup convenience won out in the end that wasn’t because of the coffee. But he writes that he’s now selling his coffee on Amazon, so those of you who aren’t brewing your coffee one cup at a time might want to give it a try.

UPDATE: Various readers write about refillable K-cups. Yes, I have one and they’re nice, but you have to fill them and then clean them, which takes away some of the appeal.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Some readers are complaining about possible “astroturf” positive reviews on Amazon.

MORE: Aaron Blanco writes: “Thanks so much for your post on our coffee. With regards to ‘astroturf’ I can say that my mom is definitely among our biggest supporters–whose isn’t? I’m trying to get her to delete her reviews for obvious reasons. (Just try to get a proud mama to stand down!) But every other review is from legitimate orders we have filled. We’re just a small biz with a product we wholeheartedly believe in, trying to make a dollar in this economy just like everybody else.”

And reader Chug Roberts emails: “The ekobrew Refillable K-Cup is MUCH better than the Solofill Reusable K-Cups. Much better – we have and use 3 of them in our office after trying out the Solofill.”