#OCCUPYFAIL: Army records at odds with Occupy veteran’s claims. “The claims of a dedicated member of the Occupy Buffalo movement that he saw combat in Iraq and Afghanistan are not supported by Army records. Christopher M. Simmance has told several media outlets, including The Buffalo News, that he served as many as three tours of duty in those war zones and that he was severely injured in Afghanistan. Service records obtained from the Army, however, show he was stationed at Fort Lewis, Wash., for three years and he left the active-duty Army in January 2001 — before the 9/11 terror attacks.”

UPDATE: Steven Den Beste writes: “Have you noticed that when men lie about this, they nearly always claim to have been in the special forces?”

Yeah. I assume that’s so their fallback position can be that everything they did was classified. By the way have I mentioned my secret missions to Cambodia in 1968?

On the other hand, there’s this. Tom Harkin never claimed to be special forces.