HEH: Corporations (except GE, NYT…) out of politics.

“Clean elections” is a huge cause for the Left, and I saw campaign finance regulation as the closest thing to a main policy proposal of Occupy Wall Street, when I was up there in early October.

In that vein, MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan, who’s a bit Left and a bit Right, and on whose show I appear nearly every Wednesday, is pushing for a constitutional amendment to “Get Money Out” as he puts it. His amendment bans all donations directly or indirectly to campaigns or to even pay for independent ads promoting or opposing candidates.

But what about the media? Should I be prohibited from writing critiques of Newt Gingrich and Barack Obama? Should Bill O’Reilly be prohibited from calling for Obama’s defeat? How about Jonathan Chait and Andrew Sullivan boosting Obama? All of that speech involves corporations and money in order to get from journalists’ brains to the eyes and ears of regular Americans.