#OCCUPYFAIL: Boston Herald: Occupiers Must Go.

Two months into the “Occupation,” the Greenway Conservancy Board has decided it is as fed up with the squatters on its land as most of the people who would like to once again enjoy the property their tax dollars have paid for.

Board Chair Georgia Murray outlined the group’s concerns in a Nov. 8 letter to Mayor Tom Menino — a letter not made public until the Occupiers took their case to court this week.

Murray wrote, “Although we have not sought until now to have the Boston Police Department enforce our rules with regard to Occupy Boston, we have always taken the position that the current use of Dewey Square Park is in violation of our rules.” Those rules prohibit — not surprisingly — sleeping in the park overnight and require permits for tents. All of that seems to have been lost on the Conservancy’s executive director, Nancy Brennan, who insisted earlier on making nice with the Occupiers, asking merely that they respect certain boundaries.

Murray on the other hand gave the mayor a real piece of the board’s mind, citing incidents of drug dealing, deteriorating sanitary conditions, a loss of income to vendors and to the farmer’s market.

Yeah, but on the other hand Occupy has the protection of the Democratic machine.