FRANK J. FLEMING TAKES ON the biggest “Fat Cat” of all: Uncle Sam.

It wouldn’t be so bad if Uncle Sam earned his money, but he doesn’t. He’s never produced anything — he gets all his money through deception.

For instance, he said he was going to provide retirement savings for everyone, but the whole thing is a Ponzi scheme in which Uncle Sam constantly raids the funds while giving people a horrible return on their investments. He’s bilked people out of trillions with that scam; Bernie Madoff is a shoplifter by comparison.

He’s always looking for more ways to scam people, hiding fees everywhere. He even grabs money out of our paychecks and then gives us a small fraction back once a year as a “rebate” and expects us to be grateful.

You almost have to admire his shamelessness; he mugs you and expects you to thank him because he gave you back a dollar.

Uncle Sam has absolutely no appreciation for his unearned wealth and just spends it lavishly and pointlessly. A while back, people were criticizing how much he was spending on public-radio stations no one listens to, and his defense was that it was only $100 million. Only $100 million. Can you even imagine being so wealthy that $100 million is an inconsequential sum?

This guy is completely disconnected from the financial reality we’re all in. Unlike responsible rich people who have savings and investments, Uncle Sam is hugely in debt. No matter how much money he has, Princess Sam thinks he deserves to spend more.

Read the whole thing. It’s like he’s channeling Iain Murray or something.