ASTROTURF: Organizer admits to paying ‘Occupy DC’ protesters [VIDEO].

A liberal organizer told the Daily Caller on Thursday afternoon that he paid some Hispanics to attend “Occupy DC” protests happening in the nation’s capital. . . . One group of about ten Hispanic protesters marched behind a Caucasian individual from the DC Tenants Advocacy Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting rent control in Washington, D.C.

Asked why they were there, some Hispanic protesters holding up English protest signs could not articulate what their signs said.

Interviewed in Spanish, the protesters told conflicting stories about how their group was organized. Some said it was organized at their church, and that they were there as volunteers. Others, however, referred to the man from the DC Tenants Advocacy Coalition — the only Caucasian in the group — as their “boss.”

TheDC asked that organizer whether he was paying the group to attend the protest, and he conceded that some protesters “aren’t” volunteers.

“Some of them are volunteers. Some of them aren’t,” he explained. “I can’t identify them. I’m not going to get into an identification game.”

If it were a Tea Party it doing this it would make national news.

And speaking of Tea Parties, the Tucson Tea Party is having fun with iconography:

Plus this: “Occupy” Tucson? We Are Tucson!

UPDATE: Amy Alkon: Occupy Wall Street: Racist Like The Tea Party.

I’m neither a member of The Tea Party (though I think not buying what we can’t pay for is a pretty clever idea) nor am I part of Occupy Wall Street, but I’ve observed that these days that you’re “racist” if you have a protest and there aren’t a bunch of black faces amongst the protesters.

So, along with all those “racists” in the Tea Party movement, it seems we can add the Occupy Wall Street Folks…a sea of white, for the most part.

Hell, they’re so racist they have to pay minorities to show up. That never happened with the Tea Party.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Josh Strodtbeck writes: “Were they illegal immigrants? Is this another egregious example of foreigners stealing American jobs? Why couldn’t he have hired a unionized American work force? Questions abound.” Indeed they do.