OBAMA SPREADS A LIE ABOUT GAY SOLDIER-BOOING, INCOHERENTLY: Ann Althouse: Obama must serve something to the assembled hungry masses, and this infected red meat is the best he’s got. “There is a contagious lie and the President — he who often speaks of transcending divisiveness — is enthusiastically spreading it… while — ironically! — posing in the mantle of oneness, E pluribus unum. The crowd goes wild, by the way. Listen to the audio. They find the infected red meat scrumptious! And can you blame the poor man? He must serve something to the assembled hungry masses, and this — this! — is the best he’s got. And what does ‘We don’t believe in them being silent since’ mean? It’s not a transcription error. I’ve checked the audio (at the link). Did he misread the TelePrompTer? There’s no simple fix, like combining it with the next line, “You want to be Commander-in-Chief?” The pronouns don’t match up. But the crowd loves it. This gibberish is quite delicious!

Enthusiastically received gibberish. That’s all they’ve got. Resist we much!

Meanwhile, Prof. Jacobson notes when Obama thought it was okay to sit silently through slurs.

UPDATE: Gay Patriot: Obama’s anti-Republican demagoguery at HRC fundraising dinner. “He didn’t need to attack Republicans. He could have simply highlighted his accomplishments on issues of concern to the gay community, notably repeal of DADT (which even yours truly believes is a feather in his cap). . . . The president’s mean-spirited attack shows his eagerness to repeat the talking points of left-wing pundits. He is attempting to hold Republicans responsible for the actions of perhaps not more than one boorish individual. This demagoguery, having defined the president’s governing style for these past several months, has also begun to define his re-election campaign.”